It’s Electric…

…you know the rest. Turns out, Marcia Griffiths was onto something back in 1983, with Electric Boogie – a catchy tune that has been re-rocked out to at countless weddings, despite the chagrin of most involved. But, in the realm of best dental care, all things electric are taking center stage. In fact, Crown Dental is stoked to offer the Oral B Genius electric toothbrush. Now, there is nothing wrong with your old-school toothbrush. If vintage-style is your jam, by all means boogie on. But, you might want to at least consider the merits of a dental technology that is causing quite a buzz…

Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

In a bout between the two – electric vs. manual toothbrushes, plenty of dental authorities, like the American Dental Association (ADA), have stated that the two are neck in neck when it comes to efficacy. The trick, it seems, is how well you brush – no matter what you’re brushing with.

According to Kimberly Harms, DDS, who also serves as an ADA consumer advisor, “If you are a wonderful brusher and a wonderful flosser…then the manual toothbrushes are just great.”

But, if you consider that the best-brushing rule stipulates a minimum of two times a day, with special attention paid to each and every cranny for at least two minutes, doesn’t a brush with a bit of power sound like a better deal? And come on! How many of us raise our hands when roll is called for “wonderful flossers?”

The allure of an electric toothbrush is that you just hit a button and let the electric bristles get scrubbing for you. Electric toothbrushes have bristles that rotate at high speeds, giving your teeth a serious polish in record time. In all seriousness, electric toothbrushes are ideal for anyone who suffers from joint pain, like arthritis, or some other kind of disability. No elbow grease is needed to enjoy a truly clean mouth and sparkling teeth.

Where and why did electric toothbrushes develop?

The Evolution of the Electric Toothbrush

Let’s start by giving a nod to dental history, courtesy of WebMD’s research articulated in “Ordinary vs. Powered Toothbrushes. Stroke of Genius. Granted, this isn’t an exhaustive study of the evolutionary trajectory of the toothbrush, but it needn’t be. All you need to know is what author Dulce Zamora uncovered, regarding some historical landmarks signaling the way of the toothbrush.

First, during the Middle Ages, big-wig Europeans – those who were well to do, brushed their teeth with twigs from trees that produced sweet-smelling wood. Cedar? Maple? Oak? Apple? Exactly which trees produced “sweet-smelling wood” is unclear, but the fact remains…toothbrushes started as twigs. Twigs.

But, they soon developed, courtesy of a Chinese emperor, who implemented a bone handle, with hog bristles protruding from it, as his dental tool of choice. Unlike the twig, this “toothbrush” was a hit, sweeping the European landscape with gusto. In fact, even peasants used this ingenious device, but – really gross spoiler alert – because of the cost of these hog bristles, an entire family would generally share one brush. So…it’s the 1500s and we’re sharing toothbrushes and wondering about disease and pestilence. It’s amazing anyone survived to nudge the toothbrush further along its very necessary journey.

But survive they did. And the electric toothbrush was born.

Europe Unleashes a Real, Electric Toothbrush

Fast forward, in a serious way, to 1954. We’re still in Europe, Switzerland, actually, where Dr. Philippe Guy Woog created the first real and “usable” electric toothbrush, called the “Broxodent.” There were others that preceded it, so the keyword here is “usable.” Now, there was some hesitation (rightly so) about using this bad boy, given that it operated off live voltage. Electricity…water…you get the margin of error here.

But, a few more developments and GE produced its own version in 1969, which was sold with its own upright charging station (sound familiar?). This was the first of the electric toothbrushes that operated without being plugged into an outlet. Cordless, the electric toothbrush from GE was powered by a rechargeable battery, eliminating any electrocution concerns.

Today’s Electric Toothbrush – Your Secret Weapon

Well, not so secret, of course. After all, an electric toothbrush like the Oral-B Genius is already on the market and making a name for itself. No surprise there. Especially when you consider that Oral-B is the #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide.

However, the technology driving this electric toothbrush is unlike anything seen before. And no, we’re not comparing it to twigs. This electric toothbrush is intuitive and instructive. In other words, it knows how your dentist wants you to brush your teeth and will direct you in your brushing habits to achieve this goal.

For example, let’s say you’re winding down after an exasperating day – or maybe feeling anxious about tomorrow’s meeting with the boss. You’ll likely exert too much pressure on your teeth without realizing it. That’s where the Oral-B Genius has got your back. It will alert you – audibly – that you’re brushing with too much brawn courtesy of its built-in pressure sensor.

Designed with respect to dental tools, meaning the brush head is rounded, allows the Oral-B Genius to snugly surround individual teeth for a complete cleaning. Even more precise is its Position Detection technology, which will direct your brushing, according to facial recognition technology. Sound like science fiction? It’s legit. Simply pair your smartphone with the Oral-B app and you’ve got brushing backup like never before.

That two-minute directive always felt a bit vague, right? You’re either winding down from or gearing up for your day. Two minutes can go by in a blink – or feel like an eternity – depending on what’s involved. Another aspect of genius in this latest product from Oral-B is the brush’s installed timer, which will alert you once you’ve brushed for the perfect duration for the best results.

Fun features included with the Oral-B Genius include a travel case that is able to charge your smartphone and Genius brush at the same time – what?! – as well as a Mirror Cling, which allows you to display your metrics and data by attaching your phone to your bathroom mirror while you brush.

Ready to get one of your very own? Starting to think that old-school manual toothbrush actually does resemble a twig? You’re in luck…

The Oral-B Genius is at Crown Dental

Is it any wonder that the innovative team at Crown Dental, led by Dr. Chen, would be among the first dental offices in our area to offer the Oral-B Genius? Always at the forefront of dental industry news and technology, Crown Dental is proud to offer this new product to their customers, both new and loyal.

Want to learn more first? Stop by the office and speak with Nancy about the value of a juiced-up toothbrush versus the vintage version. Of course, for ultimate efficacy no matter what kind of brush you use, it always helps to start with a clean slate. When was your last teeth cleaning? If you have to pause too long on that response, it’s likely time to book in for a thorough, professional cleaning. Then, you can maintain your shiny smile with an Oral-B Genius electric toothbrush.

Call or come by the office today and let Karen schedule your next cleaning. At the end of the day, it doesn’t take a genius to practice good oral health habits…but having one in hand sure helps.


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