Don’t Fall into the Sugar Trap…

After a summer season that often feels too short to New Hampshire natives, fall is well underway, bringing with it cooler temperatures, stunning colors, and anticipated flavors… like pumpkin spice. We all have that friend who loses her mind as summer draws to a close and coffee conglomerates announce the return of pumpkin spice everything.

Sure, kids risk sugar comas even just thinking about Halloween – leaving their parents worried about rotting teeth and trips to the dentist. However, those parents are the same pumpkin spice-loving aficionados who are just as likely to require a trip to the nearest dentist in Nashua.


Simply because sugar is sugar and all teeth – no matter how new or old – are at the mercy of its damaging effects. Enjoy a scary story this time of year? Check out the sugar content in your favorite pumpkin treats… and learn how you can protect your teeth from these monsters.

Sickly Sweet

Instead of pointing the finger (or brush or floss) at sugar and calling it a day, it’s important to understand the threat that sugar poses to healthy teeth and gums. When you take a sip of that pumpkin spice latte, the bacteria in your mouth immediately goes to work on that sugar, breaking it down and transforming it into acid. Those acids, if not removed by brushing and flossing, can start to erode your tooth enamel, compromising the tooth’s overall structure and healthy condition. Once the enamel is weakened, it easily breaks down further into a cavity, or a tiny hole in the tooth, exposing sensitive nerve endings within.

Left untreated, the cavity will grow, causing further damage deeper inside the tooth. The result is tooth sensitivity and pain. In fact, your dentist might even discover that the damage is so extensive, the tooth needs to be pulled.

Congratulations. You’re now one step closer to looking like a jack o-lantern…way to get in the spooky spirit of the season!

Stop the Madness!

Help is on the way and the superheroes in this scenario are Avoidance and Prevention. Avoid sugary snacks and treats whenever possible by making some smart swaps and substitutions to the usual suspects. Prevent cavities from ever taking root in the first place by brushing and flossing at least twice a day, and especially after ingesting anything sweet.

Finally, if all else fails and you find that do need treatment for a cavity, Dr. Chen and her expert team are standing by to save the day. If you need to have a cavity filled, the crew at Crown Dental are waiting to book your appointment as soon as possible. They will work around your schedule and make sure your visit is quick and convenient. Once the damage is repaired, schedule routine dental cleanings and checkups to keep your teeth in tip-top condition.

Stop sugar in its tracks and take advantage of the royal treatment at Crown Dental. But, don’t wait for a cavity to call the shots. Call the office at #603-521-7739, and book your cleaning today!


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