Six Ways to Whiten Your Teeth


The hustle and bustle of the holiday season kept us on our toes here at Crown Dental, but the new year has a ready to recommit to our monthly blog, designed to keep you updated on the current advice, news, and tips for your healthiest smile.

In light of the new year with everyone dusting off resolutions and determined to launch the best versions of themselves forward, we thought a quick rundown on teeth whitening options would fit the bill. Besides, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you want to be ready to break some hearts with a beaming, bright white smile.

So, here are your options for whitening your teeth, whether at home or in office. Psst… in-office is the way to go if you ask us. But, you be the judge!

Six Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

When it comes to whitening your teeth, you’ve got options. Each one ranges in price point and efficacy, and yes – the adage that you get what you pay for tends to hold true when it comes to radiant teeth. But, you needn’t break the bank to better your smile. Starting with whitening toothpaste, produced by major oral care manufacturers, with whitening rinses to match, you might also consider trying whitening strips or discussing ways your dentist might whiten your teeth in the office. Like we said, you’ve got options…

Option One: Try a Toothpaste

Granted, every toothpaste on the market is sold with the claim that it can clean stains from the surface of your teeth. But, those specially designed to whiten feature certain cleaning agents, like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which lightens the tooth from within. Think of these agents like deep cleaners. If you choose the whitening toothpaste route, it’s fair to expect lighter teeth by approximately one shade. Depending on the current state of your teeth, this might do the job just fine. If not, try kicking it up a notch…

Option Two: Rinse and Repeat

The latest and greatest whitening technology for teeth is available as a rinse. Similar to a traditional mouthwash, you’ll get protection against bad breath, gum disease, and plaque; however, you’ll also get some whitening benefits, thanks to the addition of hydrogen peroxide, as seen in whitening toothpaste. The good news is these rinses are quick – the recommendation is 60 seconds and then – spit! Not surprisingly, results can take up to three months given the short amount of time the whitening agents have to act on your teeth. We like to think of these rinses as effective maintenance products.

Option Three: You Gel-in’?

Remember, those Dr. Scholl’s commercials? Anyway, your third option for effective teeth whitening comes in the form of a gel. With their peroxide-base, these gels require a brush application directly to your teeth. The length of time you leave the gel to set depends on the concentration of peroxide in the product. Gel results appear rather quickly and can be expected to last for a few months.

Option Four: See About Some Strips.

You’ve no doubt seen commercials for whitening strips. Practically invisible, these strips contain whitening gel – again, peroxide-based, and generally return results in a just a matter of days. Similar to whitening gels, expect your whiter smile to last for a few months.

Option Five: Try a Tray!

Whether you purchase your tray from your dentist or from a pharmacy, the process is simple. Think of a mouth guard filled with whitening gel, only this gel adds bleach to the peroxide for a more dramatic result. How often you wear the tray and for how long is product-specific and designed to addressed various levels of discoloration in light of how much whiter you hope to make your teeth.

Option Six: Bleaching in a Blink

Well, not really a blink, but in-office bleaching is the speediest way to get whiter teeth. All it takes is 60-90 minutes in your dentist’s chair while whitening agents (which can be combined with laser, heat, or light) work their magic. You’ll see results right away, but depending on how white you want your teeth and how dull their current state, a few visits might be in order for optimal results. Not surprisingly, this is the costliest route, but results range anywhere from three to eight shades lighter than where you started. In other words – worth every penny!

When you’re ready to rock a whiter smile, call Crown Dental #603-521-7739 and request an appointment. Don’t delay! Crown Dental is delighted to offer a special in-office whitening this month for only $220!

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