A Crown Dental PSA: The Effect of the HPV Virus on Your Oral Health

Here at Crown Dental, we are aware that it isn’t in our job description to advise in favor of any kind of vaccinations — that’s your doctor’s role — but as healthcare professionals, we have a unique position within the community to educate our clients about health hazards, which includes Human Papillomavirus.

Hold up — Human Papillo-what? It is certainly a mouthful, and in more ways than one.

Don’t sweat over this. We’re going to tell you all about it.

What is Human Papillo-whatever?

Cited by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Human Papillomavirus, abbreviated HPV, is a type of virus that can cause cancer — many types of cancer — which can affect the head/neck, mouth, throat, and cervix in its numerous strains. In fact, of all the cancers attributed to HPV, head and mouth cancer is the most commonly diagnosed in New Hampshire.

Given the threat of HPV to your oral health, our team felt compelled to share these facts about HPV with you, so that you can make informed decisions, regarding HPV vaccinations.

It’s important to keep in mind that HPV is very common, affecting both men and women. And, it’s on the rise — most people throughout their lifetime will get the virus at some point. However, the symptoms of HPV usually go away on their own before they are even detected.

Key word here?


This means that even though it may not look like you have HPV — you may feel like your fabulous self — you still have the virus and can spread it to others.

What Can You Do About It?

According to the CDC’s website, 90% of all HPV cases are preventable. Indeed, an effective vaccine that prevents 90% of all cases of HPV exists. While not a cure — we’re still working on that one — it’s the closest thing to a cure there is.

Healthcare professionals increasingly recommend getting the vaccine. Given that HPV is a very common virus, it is recommended that children, pre-teens, and teens are inoculated, courtesy of this safe vaccine. These age groups, specifically pre-teens, aged 11-12, are targeted for successful vaccinations against HPV because their immune response is stronger when they’re younger. (The advantages of youth, right?)

If your child is late to the party, that’s okay, too — they’re still young. In New Hampshire, all children, through the age of 18, can receive this vaccine at no cost through their physician’s office.

We repeat: the vaccine comes at no cost to you. Even though your health insurance would undoubtedly foot the bill (if there was one), you don’t have to file a claim.

It’s that easy.

You can learn more about the vaccine here, but take proactive steps in the meantime. Talk with your healthcare provider about the HPV vaccine. As always, feel free to contact our office, 603-521-7739, if you would like to schedule an appointment to speak with our dental professionals – about this or any other oral health concerns.




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